In an article written for The Guardian of all newspapers, Al Franken argues for the censorship of voices worldwide as a way of controlling hate speech and outside political players.  This comes in response to the alleged Russian influencing of the US 2016 election via social media mis-information.  He argues that the tech companies like Facebook and Google have the technology to stop these paid advertisements and should have isolated “political ads paid for in Rubles”  Yes folks, he completely dismisses the fact that anyone who really wants to influence our elections cant figure out how to convert Rubles to Dollars.  Also, why aren’t they concerned with any potential meddling from the 2012 election with Mitt Romney?  Probably because they were the biggest beneficiaries of Russian influence and just received most of the US Uranium stockpiles from Corrupt Hillary Clinton.

First off does he not see the irony in writing an article as a United States Senator in a newspaper that is from the United Kingdom?  His whole premise of foreign powers influencing politics at home is shattered because he did the same thing in the UK.  He is trying to push an agenda in Leftist Europe to gain support for his cause overseas.

Its unique to note that leftists like Franken are pushing for open borders while at the same time trying to strip free speech away from everyone online.  They want the world to come to America, yet dont want to grant anyone the freedoms and in fact try to enact Societ style censorship of our media.  They try to push Facebook and Google to take MORE authority and crack down on what they deem as either “Fake News’ or posts that they do not agree with.  We already see the MASSIVE undertaking by Facebook, YouTube, and Google to restrict conservative content from being seen across platforms and the arbitrary demonitization of videos they deem as hate speech.  Examples of this are the demonetization of any channel that has anything to do with Guns, taking away advertising dollars that they were promised.  Channels that had videos explaining what Bump Stocks were were given Hard strikes on their channel, which could mean permanent suspension of their account.  Facebook has also hired leftist site unprecedented access to be the official “verification” site of Facebook.  That means that if they deem your article to be fake or misleading, you could be banned, censored, or pushed down the search algorithms.

Why are platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google trying to silence opposition?  Because they see the massive Red Pilling that is going on.  Alternative conservative media has exploded due to the mistrust the people have when it comes to traditional media who has an obvious bias and chooses what is reported and what we should think of certain situations.  Traditional media has taken a back seat to alternative news such as InfoWars and CRTV.  Take for example the wall to wall Trump bashing that occurred on CNN during the 2016 election.  Many people saw that and realized that they took it too far.  Trump has not 1/10 as mean as the media made him out to be and flocked for actual truth in reporting.

So why do leftists continue to argue for restricting our voices?  Because they want complete control.  They want control to force you to think how they think and if you think different they shout you down saying you are a racist, bigot, homophobic, transphobic, or any other name under the sun.  They realize that they are losing control of the narrative in the United States.  More and more people are finding that the media is dishonest in their dealings and flocking to alternative news sources.  How does the media and leftists organizations (one in the same) control the spread of the red pill?  They censor their content on social media.  It is all a ploy to gain control of the narrative across America.

Franken is free to spout his ideas wherever he sees fit.  Does he represent the true feelings of Americans?  Only those who wish to see our free nation under a Soviet Style “utopia”.  For everyone else who is not a Communist or Socialist, they know better.  We arent sheep that can be easily manipulated.  We will fight you.