January 20, 2018


Supremes allow President Trump to do his Job: Travel Ban in Full Force

One of the first promises of Donald Trump during his campaign was to protect the American People against foreign invaders.  One week after he was sworn into office, he signed the executive order that put restrictions on the absolutely outlandish refugee program that President Obama had put into effect.  Here are some of the key […]

Lauer Out! Hollywood continues to self destruct

Matt Lauer has admitted to wrongdoing in his tenure at NBC.  He is being accused of sexual harassment as well as sexual assualt.

Al Franken latest Sexual Predator

It comes as no surprise really the latest accusations against Al Franken. He comes from Hollywood, and he is a Democrat. In a piece written by Leann Tweeden, she describes the encounters with Senator Franken in December of 2006.  What is even more despicable is the fact it happened during a USO tour.  Using his […]

Comedian Al Franken looks to censor free speech online

In an article written for The Guardian of all newspapers, Al Franken argues for the censorship of voices worldwide as a way of controlling hate speech and outside political players.  This comes in response to the alleged Russian influencing of the US 2016 election via social media mis-information.  He argues that the tech companies like […]

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

Kaepernick, who has found a new career as a Social Justice Warrior (if you can call that a career) has been just named GQ “Citizen” of the year. Some of his highlights have been wearing Pig Cop socks to practice, wearing a Fidel Castro shirt to a Press Conference in Miami, and starting a protest […]

Kevin Spacey latest Hollywood crony to be exposed as Sexual Predator

New allegations come out from virtually unknown actor Anthony Rapp stating that Hollywood Mega-star Kevin Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him.  This comes as the whistle is being blown on all types of Hollywood moguls.  From the behavior that Hollywood has been covering this and other scandals up for decades, begs the question of […]

Manafort Faces U.S. Tax Charges

Source by David Voreacos October 30, 2017, 5:59 AM MDT Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, and his onetime business partner became the first people charged in the broad investigation into Russian meddling with the U.S. election. The charges against Manafort and Rick Gates indicate that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is […]

Clinton payment for dossier PROVES Clinton-Russia collusion.

Trump calls for investigation into Clinton ties to dossier Source October 29, 2017 – 10:35 AM EDT By Brett Samuels President Trump on Sunday lashed out in a series of tweets over the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and what he termed a “lack of investigation” into Hillary Clinton. “Never seen […]

Erasing History: Church Removes historical plaques

Historic Alexandria church decides to remove plaques honoring Washington, Lee By Lori Aratani October 28 at 6:42 PM Leaders of a historic Episcopal church in Alexandria have decided to remove a pair of plaques from its sanctuary that memorialize two of their most prominent parishioners: George Washington and Robert E. Lee. In a letter sent […]

Hollywood Buzzkill- How the Harvey Weinstein saga exposes Hollywood for what it is… a Cesspool

How can Hollywood truly cleanse itself if people are STILL afraid to name their accusers?

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