January 20, 2018

Social Justice Warriors

Lauer Out! Hollywood continues to self destruct

Matt Lauer has admitted to wrongdoing in his tenure at NBC.  He is being accused of sexual harassment as well as sexual assualt.

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

Kaepernick, who has found a new career as a Social Justice Warrior (if you can call that a career) has been just named GQ “Citizen” of the year. Some of his highlights have been wearing Pig Cop socks to practice, wearing a Fidel Castro shirt to a Press Conference in Miami, and starting a protest […]

NFL Players continue to embarrass themselves and the league

REPORT: Texans Players May Remove Team’s Logo From Helmet Before Game To Protest Owner’s Comments October 29, 2017 Houston Texans players met late Saturday to discuss just how they will protest against team owner Bob McNair in response to his controversial comments. it was released that at a league meeting involving every NFL owner last […]

Erasing History: Church Removes historical plaques

Historic Alexandria church decides to remove plaques honoring Washington, Lee By Lori Aratani October 28 at 6:42 PM Leaders of a historic Episcopal church in Alexandria have decided to remove a pair of plaques from its sanctuary that memorialize two of their most prominent parishioners: George Washington and Robert E. Lee. In a letter sent […]

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