Kill Climate Deniers- The latest hypocrisy from the left

Kill Climate Deniers- The latest hypocrisy from the left

I’ll come right out and say it.  I do not believe that Climate Change is 100% man made.  I also believe that the Earth has ways to regulate how we may contribute to any such climate changes.  I also believe that we should clean up our Oceans and protect certain forest land from deforestation.

What I do not subscribe to is the following:

  1.  The United States is the biggest offender when it comes to Environmental issues.
  2.  The United States should pay for developing countries to turn “Green” (Yes, I am looking at you Paris Accords)
  3. I do not believe that Climate Science is “Settled”

Why am I talking about Climate Change today?  Because apparently people that hold my point of view should be killed according to many on the left.  They view my life as expendable because if they can get rid of the climate deniers, they can enact strict environmental controls to help “Save the Earth.”

Kill Climate Deniers

A play that advocates for the genocide of climate deniers entitled “Kill Climate Deniers” was commissioned by the Government of Australia with a grant of $19,000.  The play, shows us what Eco-Terrorists can do, by killing the Climate Change deniers in Government and enacting change for the greater good.  Many people have lambasted this performance, and many others are flocking to it, creating the idea that this type of behavior is appropriate in modern society.

What if someone were to make a play that detailed how great the world would be without Socialist Thought?  Round up all of the Socialists or Marxists and kill them?  We could never get away with such a play.  Why do people excuse genocide when they believe it is for the greater good?  There is nothing more dangerous than trying to influence the genocide of a certain group of people just because you do not agree with them.

The Nazis did the same thing with the Jews, ISIS did the same thing with Christians, Liberals are attempting to do the same thing with Conservatives.

Slim Shady Snowflake- Rapper off his Rocker

Slim Shady Snowflake- Rapper off his Rocker

In the past, Eminem has commanded the respect of his fans all over the world with his sick beats, funny flows, and his I don’t give a crap attitude.  Flash forward to today and we see a middle aged has been who is trying to be relevant.

During an interview with Billboard, he details that he knew Trump would win.

“Watching the TV in fucking disbelief. I was in my basement, on the phone back and forth with friends like, ‘He’s going to fucking win’,” he said.

“I called it just from the rallies he was having when he first started running. Because just watching the impact he has, they were fanatics. There is something to be said about the person who really felt like he might do something for them – and he just fucking duped everybody.”

“I know that Hillary [Clinton] had her flaws, but you know what? Anything would have been better [than Trump]. A fucking turd would have been better as a president.”

Eminem has been no stranger to controversy but choosing to alienate half of his fans is the final nail the coffin of his failing career.  He gave an ultimatum to his fans at the BET Awards saying that his fans need to choose between him and Trump.

“It’s just so fucking disgusting how divisive his language is, the rhetoric, the Charlottesville shit, just watching it going, ‘I can’t believe he’s saying this.’ When he was talking about John McCain, I thought he was done. You’re fucking with military veterans, you’re talking about a military war hero who was captured and tortured. It just didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. And that’s some scary shit to me.”

“I knew [the BET freestyle] would get a reaction, obviously; that’s what I rap to do,” Eminem added. “But where I was coming from in that cypher was a genuine place in my heart. I [hesitate] to say [I have] hatred in my heart for him, but it’s serious contempt. I do not like the guy.”

“At the end of the day, if I did lose half my fan base, then so be it, because I feel like I stood up for what was right and I’m on the right side of this. I don’t see how somebody could be middle class, busting their ass every single day, paycheck to paycheck, who thinks that that fucking billionaire is gonna help you.”

This is quite rich coming from the guy who routinely disrespects women, homosexuals, talks about murdering other famous celebrities and women.  Eminem has no moral high ground to preach “morality” when he was the one who contributed the most to the degradation of our society in his music.

It was an unwise move for you Slim.  You aren’t going to gain any more followers for your public stands against Donald Trump, In fact, you just alienated the one group of people who made you who you are…Your fans.

Will the Real Slim Shady stop being a Snowflake.

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

Kaepernick, who has found a new career as a Social Justice Warrior (if you can call that a career) has been just named GQ “Citizen” of the year.

Some of his highlights have been wearing “Pig Cop” socks to practice, wearing a Fidel Castro shirt to a Press Conference in Miami, and starting a protest during the national anthem, which has equates to the NFL losing MILLIONS of fans, sponsors, and alienated the future of the league.

The only thing that Kaepernick has managed to do is to divide this country and open people’s eyes to the lies and propaganda of the far left. Let me explain.

The whole premise of the Black Lives Matter movement is that black people are getting targeted by police more than any other race. The “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was pushed by not only the media but by the highly divisive and corrupt Obama White House. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were portrayed as innocent children rather than the vicious thugs that they were. They continued to push an agenda of corruption within police to target black people.

That is a lie.

Fact: More white people are killed by police every year by far.

And if Black Lives Matter really cared about the death amongst their race, they need to address the larger problem, which is black on black crime in the United States. A black male is more likely to be killed by another black than by a cop.

Why does Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement seem to be so fixated on police violence? Answer: because they want to be made a victim. They can fundraise when they are a victim. They can be featured articles, they can print and sell t-shirts,continue to be in the public eye, and continue to be somewhat relevant in the public eye.

So when Kaepernicks girlfriend, Nessa Daib, managed to get her claws into her man, she knew she had found the newest face of a movement and their cash cow. Whether or not it was like that from the beginning or not, we will never know. One thing is for sure, Colin became more focused on his girlfriends “cause” and less on becoming a better quarterback.

Back in the day, there was nothing better than seeing the rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers. Now because of the salary issues Kaepernicks guaranteed contract caused, talent has all but disappeared from the team. One of the best Coaches in the NFL was forced out, and San Francisco will feel the Kaepernick curse for many years.

So tell me GQ. Why does a man who pushes a false narrative to marginalize a group of people to victims of a so called conspiracy of racism deserve to be citizen of the year. Answer again: He shouldn’t. GQ has made a huge mistake in thinking that would sell more magazines for them. They have gone all in on betting on the left. Kaepernicks approval numbers are even weaker than President Trumps. Consumers have had enough with the self righteousness and fake outrage caused by the media. This will do little to restore any confidence.

Americans know a fool and an idiot when they see one, and both GQ and Kaepernick are the losers.

NFL Players continue to embarrass themselves and the league

NFL Players continue to embarrass themselves and the league

REPORT: Texans Players May Remove Team’s Logo From Helmet Before Game To Protest Owner’s Comments

October 29, 2017

Houston Texans players met late Saturday to discuss just how they will protest against team owner Bob McNair in response to his controversial comments.
it was released that at a league meeting involving every NFL owner last week in New York, McNair referred to players as ‘inmates’ saying “We can’t have inmates running the prison” in regard to the protest during the National Anthem before games.
According to ESPN, players will likely kneel together, and have also discussed possible peeling the team’s logo decal off their helmets and raising their fists before Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.
Star WR DeAndre Hopkins and fullback D’Onta Foreman even skipped practice the day news was released of McNair’s comments, with the rest of the team reportedly having to be convince by coaches to stay at the facility instead of walking out.
McNair has since apologized for his choice of words to the public as well as to his team.


Erasing History: Church Removes historical plaques

Historic Alexandria church decides to remove plaques honoring Washington, Lee

By Lori Aratani

October 28 at 6:42 PM

Leaders of a historic Episcopal church in Alexandria have decided to remove a pair of plaques from its sanctuary that memorialize two of their most prominent parishioners: George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

In a letter sent Thursday to members of the Christ Church congregation, church leaders explained that the decision came after much deliberation.

“This was not a discussion we entered into lightly, but rather a sincere attempt to have a family conversation about our worship space, our larger history and our future,” they wrote.

The fate of the two plaques, which have hung on either side of the altar at the historic church since 1870, had been talked about for years, according to the Rev. Noelle York-Simmons, the church’s rector. But the matter took on added urgency following events in Charlottesville.

One person was killed and several injured during protests Aug. 12 after a rally by white nationalists protesting the planned removal of a statue of Lee.

While recognizing the important roles both Washington and Lee played in the nation’s history, church leaders wrote that the decision was made that it would be best to remove them because they “create a distraction in our worship space and may create an obstacle to our identity as a welcoming church and an impediment to our growth and to full community with our neighbors.”

News of the church’s decision was first reported by the Republican Standard website.

York-Simmons and other church leaders spent much of September discussing the matter with members of the 1,800-person congregation.

York-Simmons characterized the meetings and listening sessions as “heartening.”

“People responded beautifully and faithfully, listening in a lot of ways that showed our church at its best,” she said.

York-Simmons would not discuss whether there were parishioners who advocated for keeping the plaques. “I’m not going to speak for my parishioners. We have been through an intense process of listening to our community’s thoughts on all sides of the complicated issue,” she said.

The nation’s first president and the commander of the Confederate army both played significant roles in the early history of Christ Church.

Washington was a regular worshiper. Lee and his family were also parishioners. Mary Custis Lee, Robert E. Lee’s wife, gifted the church $10,000 to help begin its endowment.

Even though much of the recent national debate has centered around Civil War memorials, church leaders said they thought that it was important for the plaques to be considered together. They noted that both were placed at the same time and visually balance each other in a way that “maintains the symmetry of the church’s sanctuary.”

“We understand that both Washington and Lee lived in times much different than our own, and that each man, in addition to his public persona, was a complicated human being, and like all of us, a child of God,” church leaders wrote.

Christ Church, founded in 1773, is not the only congregation to struggle with how to balance their legacy with shifting views about historical figures. After two years of tense debate, an Episcopal parish in Lexington, Va., named for Lee, who was once a prominent member, voted to change its name.

York-Simmons said the plaques will remain in place until a new location for them is identified some time next year. A committee will be formed to deliberate on a new place of “respectful prominence.”

While some may criticize the church’s decision, York-Simmons emphasized that this is not about changing the past but about finding a way to place the church’s history in the proper context.

“We are deeply committed to our history, but even more we are deeply committed to the worship of Jesus Christ,” she said. “The question is, how can we reflect both?”