Corruption in College Football Playoff System?

Corruption in College Football Playoff System?

The sport of Football is as American as the Red, White, and Blue, Apple Pie, and the A-10 Warthog.  You would be hard pressed to find a true American patriot that didn’t enjoy the sight of hard hitting tackles and the Hail Mary.

It wasn’t until cry baby social justice warriors were given their platform in the NFL and millions of dollars a year to show off their true colors, which are their distain for the country that gives them their freedoms and the flag that that represents.

Because of the disrespect that Kaepernick and most of the NFL encourages to the flag and the country for which it stands, most conservatives have sworn off the NFL and to fill that void, have turned to College Football.  Where the sport is pure, more competitive, and the crybaby snowflake culture has not had a chance to rear its ugly head.

Now, that being said, Today the College Football Playoff Rankings came out and there were a few surprises.  Lets take a look.

#1- Clemson– The reigning national champions.  At 12-1, they are the most well rounded team in the top 10.  Their one loss coming to Syracuse who ended up last in the ACC Atlantic division.

#2- Oklahoma– a consistent football powerhouse led by Baker Mayfield, who is a strong contender for the Heisman this year.  Their record of 12-1 comes from a loss at home to Iowa State, who ended 9-3 in the Big 12

#3– We have the SEC champions, the Georgia Bulldogs.  Their one loss coming from Auburn in the second half of their season.  They later faced off in the Conference championship and Prevailed, making the case that the Georgia Bulldogs have the best claim to the National Championship so far, if you believe the myth that the sec is the best conference in college football.  Their only loss coming from the losing to the second place team in the SEC.

And coming in at #4 we have the perennial “of course they included them in the playoffs even when they didn’t win their conference” the Alabama Crimson Tide. Why is Alabama given the benefit of doubt when there are other national programs that are left with better records.

What is is with College football and their love affair with the SEC?  Why do they have such an infatuation with Alabama football and Nick Saban?

Here is a list of all the conference champions that were left out of the playoffs.


Big Ten- Ohio State

Pac 12- USC Trojans

Mountain West- Boise State Broncos

Sun Belt-Troy/Appalachian State

Mid America- Toledo

Conference USA- FAU led by Lane Kiffin- Daniel Tosh’s long lost twin brother.

Why does a team that couldn’t even win their conference deserve to be in the same sentence as a national championship.  A National championship means that they are the best team in college football.  If the SEC determined that Alabama WAS NOT the best in their conference, how can they have a chance over other teams that DID win out in their conferences.

Why is Alabama ranked over Auburn who at least made it to their conference title game?

Why is Alabama ranked over Ohio State who WON their conference championship?

What about Wisconsin who made it to their conference title game and lost to Ohio State?

You can’t tell me that Alabama had a stronger schedule, playing teams like Colorado State and Mercer College.

How did this happen?  Well it is the decision of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

13 Men decide College Football Champions, where millions and millions of dollars are redistributed to the winners and the losers.  2 of those men are directly tied to the SEC, 2 more have strong ties to the SEC.  2 others have their teams in the Playoff.

We have a proposition for the NCAA and the College Football Playoff committee, we expand the playoff to all Division 1-A Conference Champions.

Why would this be an issue really?  If you win your conference, you play conference champions to find the national champion?

You can determine seeding based on conference strength.  We currently have 10 conferences plus the independent schools. That would mean The 10 conferences play and two wildcard teams determined by a selection committee.  We then see who the victors are.  The College football season ends too soon anyways.  What is another 3 weeks?  More money for schools.

This ensures a fair system no matter what.  And avoids obvious favoritism by a selection committee putting two SEC teams in the championship playoffs.  It removes human bias out of the equation.  Why should the college football championship be based on the selection of 13 men?  Why have we not put in place a fair system based on winning games?  The answer is greed.  Money.  The SEC has a firm grasp on the college football system and does not want to relinquish control.

The only way to make this fair, is to include all conference champions and even include two wild card teams in the picture.

Do not ruin the sport any further with a bureaucratic system.  Do not turn it into the NFL and alienate your fans.  It will not end pretty for anyone.

What do you think?  Will expansion of the playoff work?

Should conference champions have more of a right to a national championship?

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

GQ hits new low: Kaepernick named “Citizen” of the Year

Kaepernick, who has found a new career as a Social Justice Warrior (if you can call that a career) has been just named GQ “Citizen” of the year.

Some of his highlights have been wearing “Pig Cop” socks to practice, wearing a Fidel Castro shirt to a Press Conference in Miami, and starting a protest during the national anthem, which has equates to the NFL losing MILLIONS of fans, sponsors, and alienated the future of the league.

The only thing that Kaepernick has managed to do is to divide this country and open people’s eyes to the lies and propaganda of the far left. Let me explain.

The whole premise of the Black Lives Matter movement is that black people are getting targeted by police more than any other race. The “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was pushed by not only the media but by the highly divisive and corrupt Obama White House. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were portrayed as innocent children rather than the vicious thugs that they were. They continued to push an agenda of corruption within police to target black people.

That is a lie.

Fact: More white people are killed by police every year by far.

And if Black Lives Matter really cared about the death amongst their race, they need to address the larger problem, which is black on black crime in the United States. A black male is more likely to be killed by another black than by a cop.

Why does Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement seem to be so fixated on police violence? Answer: because they want to be made a victim. They can fundraise when they are a victim. They can be featured articles, they can print and sell t-shirts,continue to be in the public eye, and continue to be somewhat relevant in the public eye.

So when Kaepernicks girlfriend, Nessa Daib, managed to get her claws into her man, she knew she had found the newest face of a movement and their cash cow. Whether or not it was like that from the beginning or not, we will never know. One thing is for sure, Colin became more focused on his girlfriends “cause” and less on becoming a better quarterback.

Back in the day, there was nothing better than seeing the rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers. Now because of the salary issues Kaepernicks guaranteed contract caused, talent has all but disappeared from the team. One of the best Coaches in the NFL was forced out, and San Francisco will feel the Kaepernick curse for many years.

So tell me GQ. Why does a man who pushes a false narrative to marginalize a group of people to victims of a so called conspiracy of racism deserve to be citizen of the year. Answer again: He shouldn’t. GQ has made a huge mistake in thinking that would sell more magazines for them. They have gone all in on betting on the left. Kaepernicks approval numbers are even weaker than President Trumps. Consumers have had enough with the self righteousness and fake outrage caused by the media. This will do little to restore any confidence.

Americans know a fool and an idiot when they see one, and both GQ and Kaepernick are the losers.

NFL Players continue to embarrass themselves and the league

NFL Players continue to embarrass themselves and the league

REPORT: Texans Players May Remove Team’s Logo From Helmet Before Game To Protest Owner’s Comments

October 29, 2017

Houston Texans players met late Saturday to discuss just how they will protest against team owner Bob McNair in response to his controversial comments.
it was released that at a league meeting involving every NFL owner last week in New York, McNair referred to players as ‘inmates’ saying “We can’t have inmates running the prison” in regard to the protest during the National Anthem before games.
According to ESPN, players will likely kneel together, and have also discussed possible peeling the team’s logo decal off their helmets and raising their fists before Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.
Star WR DeAndre Hopkins and fullback D’Onta Foreman even skipped practice the day news was released of McNair’s comments, with the rest of the team reportedly having to be convince by coaches to stay at the facility instead of walking out.
McNair has since apologized for his choice of words to the public as well as to his team.