Just when you thought CNN and the Fake News organizations couldn’t get any worse, they go and pull a stunt like this.

CNN posted this article which starts off by saying the word “Cuckold” became famous because of the Alt-Right and the rise of President Trump.  Now if you are not familiar with the term “Cuckold” or “Cuck” then you are about to get a crash course in one of the most disgusting fetishes out there.  The term “Cuckold” refers to a man who ENJOYS his wife is having sexual relations with another man, sometimes as he watches them engage in the activity.  Personally, I don’t know of anything more despicable.

The article argues that people have fantasized about this activity and it is becoming more and more mainstream.  The article cites scientific studies and one particular doctor/scientist who argues that this is becoming more and more popular among couples.  By trotting out a “scientist” they try and give some kind of legitimacy to the absurd claim.  They did this same thing with Global Warming and the Trans movement.

The Left is trying to DESTROY the Family unit.

The destruction of the family unit as we know it is almost complete.  The Left has been for years tried to destroy the nuclear family of one man one woman with the normalization of Gay marriage.  Why is CNN trying to normalize extreme sexual fantasies?  Is nothing sacred to them anymore?  Is there any morality left in the Mainstream News?  What is next? Normalization of Pedophilia?

The reaction has been quite negative all the way around.  Twitter was set ablaze and Fox News ran with this as one of their main articles.  What were they thinking?  Who thought that this piece would go over well?  Who at CNN deserves to have their job taken away.  Here are some reactions from Twitter:


We need to get back to a normal functioning society.  One in which we did not coddle to the mental illnesses of others.  The idea that we need to accept these things as normal is what is most disgusting.  It is not normal.  We should not try and make it normal.  People who believe this is normal should be shunned.