With Trump being sworn in recently he has hit the ground running on hot topic issues such as Obama care and immigration. With the stroke of a pen he has begun to unravel what the previous administration put in place. First let’s tackle one of his first executive actions. Obamacare. Trump actually did not undo any part of the law, in fact he only slowed the implementation of key parts of the law. Something Obama himself did when enrollment numbers were lower than expected for mandatory insurance. Now it should come as no surprise that Trump wants the law gone. But yet again those on the left are quick to beat the war drum of partisan grievance politics. The media touts that if Obamacare is repealed that it would be irresponsible to not have a replacement. This of course is a ploy to delay repealing the law. If you have cancer you do not replace the cancer with something else. You cut it out because it has no function in the body. Obamacare was sold as a way to cover more Americans and lower healthcare costs. In both areas, it has failed spectacularly. Costs have gone up as much as 100% in some states and millions remain unable to afford medical insurance. Obamacare should be repealed immediately and with no help from those on the left. Obamacare passed on purely partisan lines, and will surely be repealed in the same manner. If those on left truly cared about the health of Americans they would work with republicans to save parts of the law that remain popular such as coverage for preexisting conditions. This of course means that democrats would have to work with republicans. As we have seen in the past democrats would rather play grievance politics with Americans wallets and it should come as no surprise when republicans remove this law without their help.

Now onto what is quickly becoming a more hot button issue than Obamacare, immigration. Trump was quick to temporarily ban those entering the country from known terror countries, something he promised during the campaign. And again it has been met with more autistic screeching from those on the left. Trump even managed to alienate Hollywood. America was founded on immigration yes. America has benefitted greatly from immigration. But to suggest that we as a nation allow anyone and everyone into the United States is utter nonsense. Not everyone coming into the United States has the best intentions. The countries on the list were selected by Obama himself and is only a temporary ban. Now those on the left will never agree to letting people into the US who have not been properly vetted but they will no doubt claim that trump is heartless for not letting in refugees. This of course again is non sense. Where are the middle east countries opening up their land to refuges? Why is the United States the only country that must let in everyone? Why do you lock your car and house doors? It because you do not want people who would do ill will to you in your country or home. There would not be Syrian refugee problem if Obama had intervened military when his chemical weapon red line had been crossed. Something he non doubt regrets. Now democrats are not the only one who have pushed back against this ban. Senators Lindsay graham and john McCain have even gone so far as to say that because we have alienated other nations that would in turn create more terrorists. So if the US doesn’t let you in, you’ll kill us. Maybe that is part of the reason why this administration and indeed many Americans do not want more immigrants at this time. The media had Clinton the clear front runner in the election, and yet Trump won. The media is screaming at Trump’s executive action but we here at digital conservative suspect that most Americans agree with what Trump has done so far. His is fulfilling campaign promises, and restoring sanity and reason to our government.