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December 13, 2017

Hollywood Buzzkill- How the Harvey Weinstein saga exposes Hollywood for what it is… a Cesspool

How can Hollywood truly cleanse itself if people are STILL afraid to name their accusers?

Hollywood has been reeling for years with HUGE movie flops and overblown budgets, and leftist propaganda run amok.  Now, a plague of sexual misconduct allegations threatens the complete destruction of Hollywood.  It has been no secret throughout the industry that in order to get the biggest roles, casting couch encounters and favors are the norm rather than the exception. 

What broke the camels back? 

Why now of all times?

Was it a desperation from the media to focus their attention on something other than Donald Trump? 

Celebrities for years have been trying to blow the whistle on this depravity for YEARS, and no one took them seriously.  Take for example Corey Feldman being interviewed by Barbara Walters.  He stated specifically what was happening not only to actors but child actors in the industry.  

How did Walters respond?  With a comment that “You’re hurting an entire industry.” 

Her comment should have been, an entire industry is hurting children. 

It wasn’t until we had a hypersensitive populous and social media that we got Rose McGowan tweeting of her experience exposing the true Hollywood.  Immediately after her tweet hit the news, hundreds of other actresses and actors alike shared their experiences.  

One trend that I noticed however, was the fact that almost all of the subsequent celebrities that came forward with their E! True Hollywood Story have yet to name their abusers.  They should feel safe enough to name their accusers to weed out the troublemakers.  Is everyone in a position of power in Hollywood an abuser?  Absolutely not!  But until victims feel comfortable enough to name their accusers, Hollywood will still have an image problem. 

Sexual Deviants and Pedophiles STILL run Hollywood and actors and actresses need to band together to expose them.

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