New allegations come out from virtually unknown actor Anthony Rapp stating that Hollywood Mega-star Kevin Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him.  This comes as the whistle is being blown on all types of Hollywood moguls.  From the behavior that Hollywood has been covering this and other scandals up for decades, begs the question of just how rampant is Pedophilia, sexual abuse, rape in Hollywood culture?  We know from several childhood actors that it is all too common for producers and big shot studio executives to prey on the young.  But why hasnt this been blown before?  

And excuse me… but why did it take SO long for anyone to blow the whistle on this before?

The answer is that Hollywood was complacent in condoning this attitude.  

For far too long, Hollywood elite have covered up the cesspool of Child Rapists, Sexual deviants and predators in search of the almighty dollar.  Their reign is coming to an end.